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One Leg At A Time

If you're trying to get stronger legs as a soccer player, do it one leg at a time. Chris Phillips, ATC, CSCS, owner of Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, CA  and 90strong writer, utilizes many single leg exercises to challenge his athletes and develop their leg strength.  You will see him utilize more single leg exercises than double leg exercises. This is quite unique when you compare this to commerical  fitness gyms in which you will likely see the bodybuilders spending countless hours doing leg press exercises or double leg squats in an effort to build their legs. Why do we advocate single leg training for soccer athletes?  Well, it's simple. You are a soccer athlete. Most of your movements involve pushing off one leg. On the field, how many times will you likely have to push off two feet at the same time with your feet square? Not that many. As renowned strength coach Mike Boyle said in his article regarding single leg training, "You do almost everything in sports in a split stance, or by pushing off one leg from a parallel stance, so it just makes sense to train your body that way." 

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