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Kneel to Sprint Drill to Improve Acceleration

An athletes top end speed is great when running long distances, but most research will show that during a soccer match, most sprints are 5 to 20 yards long. The key to winning these short races is good acceleration. The first two to three steps is what typically decides who will get there first. Using the Kneel to Sprint Drill will help your player accelerate faster and get from point A to point B quicker.

  • To perform the drill, begin kneeling on one side with the other foot on the ground.
  • Begin with the arms bent at 90 degreres and the opposite arm forward compared to the leg with the foot on the ground.
  • The athlete then begins to lean forward with both the shoulder and hips until the quadriceps muscle begins to fire and the heel naturally raises off the ground.
  • On cue, the athlete is told to push off the front foot forcing the body forward and into a sprint.
  • The athlete's body should move both forwards and upwards at a the same rate in a diagonal pattern.
  • The athlete wants to avoid standing straight up and then running.

Have the athlete perform 3 sets of 2-5 reps at varying distances of 5 to 20 yards. To modify the drill, have the athlete turn 90 degrees and repeat the drill pushing laterally of the ground. Another cur for the athlete to understand the drill is to have them imagine a screen door six inches in front of them and that they want to try to run through it. 

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