Injury Prevention


Quick fixes while you're on the road

If your team is travelling on the road, chances are you and your teammates may have some bumps and bruises that may need to be taken care of. And you probably won't be able to access the best medical equipment right away. So here are a couple of quick fixes you can use that will help you treat your injuries while you're on the road.

Single Leg Squats to Improve Strength and Stability

Single leg bench squats are a great way to build strength and stability of the lower extremity. When performed properly, they engage muscles in the hip, thigh and ankle in a dynamic and synergistic fashion. In the game of soccer, an athlete is on one foot more often than two and training the body that way will be more beneficial to the player to become more powerful, quicker and more stable, preventing injuries to the knee and ankle.

What exactly is a sports hernia?

What exactly is a sports hernia?

Calf and Toe Raises to Prevent Injuries

Utilize these two simple exercises to improve performance and reduce such injuries as ankle sprains and shin splints. Superset the calf raises and toe raises for 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions daily.

Upper body foam roller techniques for goalkeepers

Utilizing the foam roller for the upper body can be very useful for Goalkeepers because of its many therapeutic effects. It can release trigger points and relieve many sore spots in the upper body that can accumulate after heavy bouts of training and can significantly affect an athlete's performance.

Don't forget to recover after you play

Implement this recovery program into your training routine after a competitive event on the field.

Use a Dynamic Warm Up to Prepare for Practice and Games

Proper preparation is the key to performance. Warming up and stretching prior to activity is an essential component of every workout, practice, and game. While a general warm up and stretching routine is beneficial, the Dynamic warm up is vital because it encompasses the key elements needed to prepare for physical activity.