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Dont Lock Your Knees During Planks

Athletes being taught the proper technique in the weight room during activities are cued not to lock their knees in full extension (straight) during exercises such as Romanian Dead lift or Biceps Curl.However when doing a plank, they are taught to keep themselves as straight as possible including at the knees.This makes the exercise easier and therefore less effective.  

When the knees are locked in a plank, the quad is the primary contractor, this limits the co-contraction of the hamstrings and pulls the pelvis into an anterior rotation, causing the lumbar (back) muscles to lock the bones of the spine into extension. This also limits the ability of the anterior core muscles such as rectus abdominis to contract and stabilize the pelvis in neutral position. 

Next time, when performing a plank allow the knees and hips to bend to 10 to 20 degrees of flexion.  

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