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Change Up Your Stance During Lifts

Soccer involves a high volume of cuts.On the field, our stance involves our hip position and contact with the ground to be at varying ranges of motion. For example, when defending, we never want our hips square to our opponent similar to a squat position. We want to force him/her one way or another.

In the weight room, we often position our hips and feet in either a square position such as a squat or standing biceps curl or in a vertical position such as a split squat or split stance. Add this simple variation to maximize your work out. Position your feet in varying positions in relation to your torso during upper body lifts. Instead of standing in a flat or a split stance, stagger your feet into varying positions in relation to your torso. This will cause your core and hip musculature to engage in greater force and will better replicate the stresses put on the body during competition. 

Start with small variations and lower weights. As your strength and ability to stabilize increases, move to foot positions farther from your torso.

You can position your feet in varying positions during lower extremity work outs but it should be done  with great care so as to not stress the hip/knee/ankle in dangerous positions. 

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