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ACL Prevention and Soccer Fitness

 While you can never completely eliminate an athlete's chances of injury, you can take certain measures to at least make the body more tolerant to the physical stresses competitive soccer places on it. That's why incorporating injury prevention into your soccer fitness program is key. One such exercise for ACL prevention is the single leg hop to a sprint. It requires very little equipment; just some hurdles or cones. It's a great exercise that we also use at Compete Sports Performance in Lake Forest. It is great for overall strengthening but more importantly, it helps with neuromuscular control.

Here is how to perform the exercise.

  • Set up 3 cones or hurdles with another cone 10-15 yards away.
  • Using only one leg, hop over each cone.
  • Do not rush it. Pause after each hop, concentrating on controlling that knee, not letting it dive in towards your midline.
  • After the last hop, explode and sprint to the other cone.

See the photos below to see how this is performed. 

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