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30/30/30 Bike Fitness Variation using Heart Rate Monitor

Looking to keep yourself fit during a snowy winter break or coming off of injury.Here is a simple but effective bike program designed specifically for soccer players

On the bike go 30 seconds as fast as you can, then 30 seconds as slow as you want for 30 minutes.   

During the fast phase, your goal is to get your heart rate up as high as possible.You have to push yourself to make this an effective drill. The slow phase is your recovery time.You want your heart rate to decrease as close to resting heart rate as possible.If you are fit, your heart rate will drop significantly over the 30 second recovery time. If you lack fitness then it wont drop much in that 30 seconds. 

Advanced Suggestion:If you are able or have a partner available, using a heart rate monitor, track your heart rates at the end of the fast cycles and end of the slow cycles.Take the averages of the 30 fast cycle heart rates and the 30 slow heart rates.Subtract the average of slow from the average of the fast..You can use this to measure your progress, the greatest the difference between averages the more fit you are. For example after the first day the difference is 30 beats per minute, set yourself a goal of 50 beats per minute difference after a few weeks.     

Here is an advanced version using a heart rate monitor

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